What’s New

Your cart never goes empty here! We keep adding new products to the current clan. Our cases speak of perfection and serve as a stunning way to not only display your items but to protect them from dust and damage. We design the quality display cases that never fail to supersede your expectations.

Customization sets us apart; if you can’t find the display case you are looking for, get in touch with us.

Our ears are always listening; we are open to any suggestions. After all, we don’t believe in just selling display cases. We focus on giving a practical solution to our customers that serves the purpose well.

Throughout travel shows and fairs, we have met many wonderful fans who have provided us very useful suggestions and have explored us to many opportunities and possibilities.

We are here to thank them all!

Come to visit our booth at the following 2020 shows and fairs to see our BrickCase in person:

  • Brickfair at Birmingham, AL:  Jan 18-19
  • Atlanta Comic Con: July 31- Aug 2