Our Story

Our story dates back to a young girl’s 8th birthday party. The girl received a beautiful LEGO® set called the “Snow Resort Ski Lift” from her best friend. She promised to finish the set and keep it safe forever. Unfortunately, due to damage, the girl had to rebuild the set three times.
The first time she had to rebuild the set, her younger brother stepped on it and the second rebuild occurred after her brother broke the set while playing with it. The set was broken into pieces a third time when the girl’s grandmother knocked the set onto the floor while she was dusting. Through the tears and frustration, the girl was able to rebuild the set each time and from there her love for LEGO® began to grow.
She continued to build set after set of LEGO®, until her mother became overwhelmed with where and how to store all her daughter’s beautiful creations. Her mother wondered where she could find a display case to keep her daughter’s creative pieces safe from damage and dust.
Seeing the need for a durable storage solution for precious items, creative pieces and valuables, we gave life to TheBrickCase.com.

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