Assembly Instructions

Brick Cases’ Coffee table series

The premier manufacture of metal and Lucite table that gives you unobstructed viewing to best highlight your creations.

Here's how you can assemble Coffee table

  • Make sure the base board is facing upside down onto a three-foot-high surface.  Four l brackets at four corners should be exposed and facing upwards. Remove the l-shaped bracket cover from each corner by unscrewing the two screws
  • Remove the hex nut from each of the four led light posts, detach the washer sets, and pass the male wire connection end through the base.  Adjust the light post placements, then screw the washer sets back in place and reattach the hex nut to the base.  Connect the male end of the wire to the female end of the wire securely and push the additional wire and connections into the base cavity once it’s been locked tight.
  • To test the lights, first, connect the usb to the white usb brick included in parts bag and then to a wall outlet. Then press the on/off button to see if all the Led lights are turned on. If any led lights are not light up, stop installations, and contact You can email at: or live chat on our website.  Or live chat on our website
  • Use the screw to secure the l-shaped cover back to the base to protect and hide wires
  • Peel off the protective films from both sides of the acrylic panels first. And then, use screws to secure panels to the side frame.
  • Using the provided tool and screws, assemble the base and two end frames. Note: all screws should hold the frame and base together and don’t fully tighten screws at this step yet.
  • Using the provided tool and screws, assemble the base with the front and back frames. After this, go back and tighten all the screws
  • Remove the sticky felt pads from the components bag and place them on the top channel of the frame, as shown in the diagram
  • Remove protection film from the top panel and place within the top frame.
  • As shown in the diagram, you can find the on/off button and power connected at the exact location.




  • Option: you can order a glass top from your
  • Local glass retailer:
  • Size: 45.7”l x 28.7”w; ¼ inch thick
  • Tempered glass or bring your lucite top
  • Panel to store to cut the same size glass

With BrickCases, you can now keep the dust out of your precious items on displays and bring your contents to life both day and night, thanks to these beautiful LED lights.


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Power Option A: USB-C cord and plug are included.

Power Option B: USB-C cord and plug are included. *Power Bank is NOT included*.

How to Assemble?

  • Gently Remove/Peel off all brown protective film on all panels and base. (Note: Please take your time and this is a time consuming process. The brown adhesive films protect the surface of BrickCase from damage and scratches during transportation. This film insures you a beautiful, band new, high quality BrickCase.)
  • Pull all 4 LED light posts vertically and position lights.
  • Place your contents on the top center of the black base.
  • Insert all 4 side panels into the base while interlocking corners. (After inserting the panels into the base, you can use the clear tape included in the parts bag to hold them together while working on the other panels or the top panel. You can remove the clear tape by simply peeling it off after the case is assembled.)
  • Place top panel and align all 4 corner holes onto the 4 LED light posts. Use hook tool where required to align. (Note: LED light posts WILL NOT go through top panel corner holes and you just need to align them for step 6).
  • While the light posts are aligned with the top panel corner holes, use the included flat finial screws to secure top panel from top-down in each corner into the threaded light posts.
  • Option A: Choose how to POWER your BrickCase:
    Directly plug one end of the USB-C cord to the back side of the black base, and the other end (with included plug) to your household wall outlets, then use ON/OFF button located on the right hand side of the base to turn on the LED lights. *Leaving lights on for a long period of time without supervision is not recommended.
    Option B: Directly plug one end of the USB-C cord to the back side of the black base, and the other end to your choice of Power Bank (not included ). It is recommend to use a Power Bank greater than or equal to 4.5V. Make sure your Power Bank is fully charged before connecting. Use ON/OFF button located on the right hand side of the base to turn on LED the lights.
  • Enjoy your BRICKCASE!

For a detailed step by step instruction video, please visit our web site:

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