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LED Lit Display Cases | Display Cases For Sale

We handcraft our display cases to perfection, our LED-lit display cases are extra-ordinary and uniquely designed to fit several different display items ranging from Lego MOCS, and Lego Modular Displays to Baseball Memorabilia, Football Memorabilia, Jewelry, Shoe Collectibles, Funko Pop Collectibles and more. The Brick Case is constructed with LED lights for exceptional display cases which groom your item with elegance.

Display Cases Near Me | Display Cases with Free Shipping

All BrickCase display cases come wth free ground shipping to the continental US. These LED lit display cases are easy to install and come with instructions for a quick setup to display your collectible. Display memorabilia in seconds with our handcrafted display cases made in several shapes and sizes to fit the item you desire to showcase. View our full collection here.

Display Case for Legos | Display Cases for Baseball Memorabilia | Display Cases for Football Memorabilia

The BrickCase makes handcrafted LED lit display cases built for several collectibles ranging from football memorabilia to baseball collectibles and Lego sets. Have you ever asked "How do I showcase my legos?" or "How to display football collectibles?" then you have come to the right place. If you have football memorabilia to display, check out our football display case collection and complete your football collection today! Do you have baseball bats, baseball glove, or signed baseballs you want to display? Check out our Baseball Display Cases and find the perfect match for your baseball collection today.

LEGO Display Case | Lightsaber Display Case | Brick Case Display Case

Are you a collector of Lego? Let it be a Lego Disney Castle, Lego Saturn V, Lego Bugatti, Lego Tie Fighter or the ultimate Lego Millennium Falcon? Would you prefer to display them in a safe way? We at The Brick Case have a variety of display cases for you. We provide several Lego Disney Cases which perfect fit's your Lego set. Not only that, we at Brick Case Display offer LED lit cases to showcase your beautiful Lego Creator Expert sets in a beautiful and elegant way. The Brick Case focuses on building the displays with qualitative thick acrylic to ensure your Lego Creator Expert set stays unbroken. Do you own a Lego Architecture set and searching for a suitable display? Have a look at our Lego Architecture Display Case Collection for an extensive list of display cases which starts from the Eiffel Tower Display to the Statue of Liberty Display that truly shows off your Lego Set in full glory.

Lego Star Wars Display Case | Lightsaber Display Case | Lego Tie Fighter Display

Have you been collecting Star Wars memorabilia and looking to display your Star Wars collectibles? Our BrickCase Display Case are made for you! View our Star Wars Display Collection and find the perfect display case for your Star Wars gear. We have Lego Tie Fighter display cases, Millenium Falcon display cases, Lightsaber display cases and more. Find a display case for every Star Wars item in your collection at The Brick Case!